CIE大军兵临城下,为了激发我校学生学习学科知识的热情,拓展人文科学思维,使大家在丰富趣味的竞赛氛围中增强学习意识,领科教育苏州校区举办了Giga Quiz知识竞赛。


Since this week, our school has officially entered the stage ofCIE examination . It aims to enrich the students' extracurricular life byorganizing interesting activities. Giga-quiz, is one of them.

Giga Quiz是一场现场参与式的竞赛,由来自4个House的12个团队通过回答不同学科的问题参与竞争。每个House会派出3支队伍,共12名选手参加。Giga Quiz共有4个回合,每个回合的机制都会变化以测试选手的能力。

Giga Quiz is a on-site participatory contest where 12 teams from 4 Houses will compete against each other by answer questions from various disciplines. Specifically, there will be 3 teams from each house and 4 students per team, with 2 IG students and 2 AS/A2 students. Giga Quiz has 4 rounds, in which mechanism for each round will vary to test candidates’ ability. 


Questions are selected from 9 areas: Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Humanities, English Language and Literature, Economics& Accounting& Business Studies, Chinese Culture, and Arts & Music &Physical Education.


Magic rules, attracted all the students to come to the lecture hall to watch the war. Although the problems were difficult, most of the problems were conquered by the joint efforts of all students, and they all won considerable points for their house.